Ruffingham Meadows

Pied-billed Grebe
Ruffingham Meadows is officially called the James Dorso Wildlife Management Area. It is on Route 3 in North Searsmont. Though best explored by canoe, most of its expanse can be scanned from the parking lot at the outlet dam. “Stop and peek” for the migrating waterfowl that gather in the back of the pond soon after ice-out in April, and again as winter draws near in the fall.

During breeding season, scan the edges carefully. Hooded mergansers, pied-billed grebes and American bitterns nest here. Sora and marsh wrens are present, though deeper in the marsh away from the road. Common Loons may be found throughout summer. The uplands around the marsh are home to scarlet tanagers and great-crested flycatchers.

Directions: The site is obvious on Route 3 in North Searsmont, just over 30 miles east of Augusta or 10 miles west of Belfast.
Route 3,
Searsmont, ME 04973

GPS: 44.408202, -69.219956