Portland Waterfront

Glaucous Gull
Portland Harbor is home to the state’s fish pier, as well as numerous other wharfs. Gulls naturally flock to the area and all the common species are present. Iceland and glaucous gulls are sometimes intermixed in winter. The Fish Pier is private property, but many gulls can be scanned from a distance, especially along the rooftops of the warehouses. Despite the urban setting, winter seaducks can be very close to the piers. Look for common eiders, red-breasted mergansers, long-tailed ducks, common goldeneyes, and buffleheads. The surrounding area is a commercial and tourist hub, so there are many facilities and amenities.

Directions: Route 1A is called Commercial Street through this area of the Old Port and congregations of gulls are obvious. Certainly the Portland Fish Pier is likely to be busy. The Maine State Pier is also a good place from which to scan. Portland visitors can count on local maps and signs to reach the harbor. It’s where many of the city’s tourist attractions and restaurants are located. To reach it from out of town, exit from I-295 at Franklin Street and follow the signs to the waterfront.

GPS: 43.65232, -70.25553