Lobster Cove Meadow

Lobster Cove Meadow in Boothbay is the most productive of several properties owned by the Boothbay Region Land Trust. Though only 46 acres, it makes up in variety what it lacks in size. The combination of ATV trails and footpaths winds through a mature softwood forest of white pine and spruce, following the slope downward through an open, grassy meadow dotted with ancient apple trees, until reaching an extensive marsh. The combination has produced sightings of almost every thrush, and eight of Maine’s nine flycatchers. Twenty-one warbler species have been observed on the property. Green Herons, Least Bitterns, Virginia Rails, and Sora have been found in the marsh.

Directions: From the intersection of Routes 27 and 96 in Boothbay Harbor, take Route 96 for 0.4 miles. Turn right onto Eastern Ave for 0.1 miles. Look for a small parking lot on the left at the trail entrance. The trail begins to the left of a private residence.

GPS: 43.861630, -69.616879