Laudholm Farm

Laudholm Farm
Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farm is an excellent birding destination year-round. A trail system provides seven miles of hiking that meander through fresh and saltwater marshes, mixed forests, fields, beaches, and dunes. Eastern Towhee and Brown Thrasher are uncommon elsewhere in the state, but flourish here.

Because of limited access and posted admonitions to avoid disturbing the nesting piping plovers and least terns, the beach is underused compared to the stretches of sand to the north and south. On the northern end of this beach there is a natural jetty of shallow rock that extends into the sea just past the Little River outlet. This area is a magnet for gulls and terns, including occasional rarities. The Wells Reserve also preserves many historic farm buildings on this site, which was first settled in 1642.

Due to slight elevation and open farm fields near the buildings, it can be a good place for migrating hawks in September. The visitor’s center is open all year except for the four weeks surrounding Christmas. The center maintains a bird-sighting log. The Wells Reserve is one of 27 national estuarine research reserves which promote the protection of coasts and estuaries through education, research, and conservation programs.

Directions: from Route 1, turn onto Laudholm Farms Road. Follow the (small) signs a half mile to the entrance.
342 Laudholm Farm Rd
Wells, ME 04090

GPS: 43.33857, -70.55104