Kettle Cove

Common Eider
Kettle Cove is well known to birders. It is part of several small coves and points within the larger Seal Cove. It lies at the far eastern end of Crescent Beach State Park. The advantage of this spot is that it extends into the cove, offering a northwestern view along the beach for shorebirds and gulls, a western view into the larger cove, a southwestern scope of the distant fields on Richmond Island, and a southern observation of open ocean. Look for common loons, common eiders, horned grebes, long-tailed ducks, common goldeneyes, and any of the scoters in winter. Mallards and American black ducks probe the shallows. Brant are scarce in Maine but they favor this spot, especially in late winter. Flocks of gulls usually roost on the spit. This spit sometimes attracts horned larks in winter, and any flock should be checked for Lapland longspurs and snow buntings.

Directions: Kettle Cove is just 0.2 mile south of the entrance to Two Lights State Park or 0.8 miles north of Crescent Beach State Park. Look for an inconspicuous turn onto Ocean House Road and follow the sign to “Kettle Cove Area.”
Kettle Cove Rd
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

43.56193, -70.21848