Abbagadasset River

The Abbagadasset River joins the Kennebec River just east of Bowdoinham on the north end of Merrymeeting Bay. Wild rice grows throughout the bay, attracting great quantities of waterfowl in migration. However, there are few places where the birds can be easily seen from shore. The “Mouth of the Abby” is an exception. For a couple weeks in April after ice-out, thousands of ducks congregate in this spot. Average numbers are lower during the extended fall migration, but shorebirds periodically take over the spotlight during this time, with good numbers of yellowlegs and a variety of peeps.

Directions: From I-295, take the Bowdoinham exit and follow Route 138 east toward Bowdoinham, where it becomes Main Street. From Route 138, turn left onto Route 24 and follow north less than a mile to a right turn onto the Brown Point Road. Proceed 1.7 miles, cross the one-lane bridge, and park under the power line. Be careful not to disturb the birds, sometimes quite close.

GPS: 44.009608, -69.851761