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Greater Portland
and Casco Bay

Portland Head Light
Scarborough Marsh
Greater Portland is blessed with wonderful birding year round. There are a variety of habitats: sand beaches, rocky beaches, granite cliffs, estuaries, fresh and saltwater marshes, deciduous and pine forests, urban, suburban, and rural parkland. Because the bulk of Maineís population lives within 45 minutes of Portland, the preponderance of birders is here as well. Unusual birds do not remain unobserved for long. Furthermore, Portland marks a transition point for many species. This is the northern edge for southern warblers such as Blue-winged and Prairie. It is where Nelsonís and Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows overlap and hybridize. Brown Thrashers, Eastern Towhees, and Grasshopper Sparrows become scarce north of Portland.

Portland is Maineís largest community and boasts many tourist amenities. Most of the areaís best birding spots are less than 30 minutes from downtown hotels and the airport, so birding while on a business trip is exceptionally easy. Maine Audubon headquarters is located in nearby Falmouth and two other Maine Audubon sanctuaries are located within Cumberland County. The metropolitan area includes several communities. The City of Portland itself is known for hot spots like Back Cove, Eastern Promenade, Evergreen Cemetery, Capisic Pond, The Dragon Fields, and Portland Harbor. South Portland is home to Hinckley Park. Cape Elizabeth encompasses Dyer Point, Two Lights State Park, Kettle Cove, and Crescent Beach. Scarborough Marsh dominates the city of Scarborough where birders also spend time at Pine Point, Proutís Neck, and Fuller Farm. Falmouth lies just north of Portland, boasting of Maine Audubonís Gilsland Farm and Mackworth Island

It is a strong-willed visitor who can resist the lure of the world famous L.L. Bean store just twenty minutes north of Portland. Itís just a stoneís throw away from Freeport area sites like Maine Audubonís Mast Landing Preserve, Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park, Winslow Park, and South Freeport Town Landing. Yarmouth lies between Falmouth and Freeport, where Sandy Point Beach can be incredible in late summer and fall.
Lighthouse at Dyer Point
Scarborough Marsh Center